December 1st, 2020 / 11:49 am

Guided Meditation 2: The Inner Crystal Zone

*As, always, read gently, with contemplative pauses between each paragraph.*

In this guided meditation, I will guide you into your inner crystal zone.

It’s me, Dan, again. I apologize, but Charlene is still at home with her anxiety. She hopes to be back as soon as she is able.

She sends you her love, as fraught as it may be right now.

Charlene wanted me to remind you that it is ok for love to be tinged with anxiety.


The inner crystal zone.

Let’s discover our inner crystal zones.

I’ve never personally been to my inner crystal zone, but I know how to get there. You must trust me. Charlene told me the way.

Now close your eyes.

Breathe in.

Now exhale.

Continue to breathe in and out throughout this meditation, as you would with all meditations.

I want you to feel your entire body: head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Pelvis, ankles, forehead, and elbows.

You are all out of order.

You are an elevator in disrepair.

Your mind has left your body. It is at the top of the elevator shaft, looking down.

Your mind can see the wreckage of your physical limitations. The dust of your collapse plumes toward you, engulfs you until vision is obsolete.

You step forward into the shaft.

Feel yourself falling.





Now stand up.

Your body is a mess, but your mind has reached the bottom of the elevator shaft.

This is good. You must admit that it is good to be here.

Allow your mind to elevate and settle. It needs to find solid ground if we are to reach the Inner Crystal Zone.

Earlier I said “your” and “my” in reference to inner crystal zones, but I have given you the wrong idea.

You will soon know why.

But there is no “why,” only is.

Now sift through the discombobulation that you call your physical being.

Churn it like a stew.

Hello. Hello. Are you still there?

Raise your left elbow high above you.

Your elbow drips down to the bottom of the elevator shaft.

The rest of you follows suit.

You are an oil slick.

Your mind slips on the slick.

Ouch. You say, Ouch.

Breathe in.

Breath out.

Now let your mind become soluble.

Now mix with the stew.

Now focus on all of you.

Now focus on all of me.

I’m talking about the atomic level here, folks.

That’s all there is.

That’s the Inner Crystal Zone.

That’s where we’ll stay for today.

Imagine every atom of your being opening up.

A garage door in which a loved one has suffocated in car exhaust.

A clam shell inhabited by a low luster oyster.

A birth canal exited by an 18 wheeler with sexy silhouette mud flaps.

Welcome to the Inner Crystal Zone.

In the Inner Crystal Zone, we embrace suffering.

You have suffered for years.

The years have suffered as well.

Time, they ask of you, and of time you only ask that it hurry up. Get this year over with.

In the Inner Crystal Zone, we open our atoms.

Are they open?

Ok, good.

Now pour them out.

Good. Now look at all that suffering that shines on the floor of the elevator shaft.

That is your inner crystal.

You must leave it here.

You cannot take it with you. Now open your eyes.

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