Posted by @ 6:55 pm on March 5th, 2009

usually when someone says experimental writing s/he seems to be referring to something odd. like, if i wrote a story where hitler was playing scrabble against a werewolf, then that would be experimental. or, odd meaning the way it is written. like i could write a story about a person cleaning his or her house and use strange punctuation and syntax and then it would be experimental. no one has ever provided a clear definition of experimental writing to me.

which makes me think that every piece of writing is experimental. i think this because if i define the word “experiment” to myself, then i’m all like, “an experiment is something you try and then you see what happens.” to me this means that every time someone writes down some words it is an experiment, to see what happens. if the definition of experimental is strangeness, or a renunciation of previous forms, then all writing should be experimental or it will be a repeat of something before it. these are just some thoughts i have with myself when i am on the bus and i don’t know where i am and i am in between thinking “should i re-tie my shoes or are they tight enough” and “i feel aggressive but i will stay still.” i would like to hear other peoples’ opinions about experimental writing. say like, maybe 200 other people (fuck you jimmy chen).

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