January 13th, 2012 / 11:45 pm

It’s Friday, Fuck Books: Friday the 13th Edition and Calling Yourself A$AP Rocky When Aesop Rock Exists is Accidentally Naming Your Band Led Zeppy in 1980

but still:



  1. Hyruledungeon

      Dont get why everyone is making this comment when Aesop is pronounced ee-sop. It’s not like Aesop’s been burning up the rap blogs lately or even put out an album in the past four years. Also Led Zeppy is at least the name of a band I might want to listen to again before I die.

      Good choices tho. 

  2. Brooks Sterritt

      Thanks. You’re right that Aesop (of fable-fame) is pronounced “ee-sop,” though Aesop Rock pronounces his name in his own music with the long “a” sound. The comment comes probably because A$AP Rocky and Aesop Rock share 7 of 9 letters, though fair enough about the latter having not released an album for a long while.

  3. Marley

      Aesop Rock (along with Rob Sonic and Big Wiz) released the album Are You Going To Eat That? under the name Hail Mary Mallon in 2011. And it’s really rather good. 

  4. Jomarksn

      I can’t get behind this.

  5. Baggy Smiles

      Can´t help but think Aesop Rock and A$AP Rocky have slightly different audiences.  Do not think the former made it up past 96th St.

  6. marshall

      it’s like naming your band led zeppy in like 1990

  7. L.

      In Rocky’s mind maybe, but given that his shit is being hyped by pitchfork and every other hipster and backpacker website, I bet the audiences overlap a ton. 
      That said, I dig the A$AP stuff… although more for the productions than the raps. 

  8. Tummler

      everything is purple

  9. Nich Eggert

      Naming your band ‘The New Division’ in ~2005

  10. Brooks Sterritt

      Thank you for your consideration.

  11. Jomarksn

      Silly, I was drunk when I wrote that comment.

  12. Brooks Sterritt

      It can happen, nights. :)

  13. Hyruledungeon

      Good production is what makes shit blow up. See Danny Brown’s XXX for evidence.

  14. Elsleepinggringo

      ASAP Rocky was interesting in 2004 when he went by the name of Mike Jones chopped and screwed by DJ Michael 5000 Watts. Today, I don’t know what he offers that is interesting. Mr. MF’n Exquire, on the other hand, IS the best thing in rap in the last 10 years. No?

  15. L.

      He sounds nothing like Mike Jones. 

  16. iMB

      Fact is ASAP’s the freshest thing happening in Harlem right now, save for Azeliea Banks, also cooking.  So much better than boring old Aesop… he never had it much anyway.  Haven’t Big, Lil’ name-alikes been part of the game all along?

  17. Frank Irby

      I miss Mike Jones though. Good beats too. But yah he’s boring.