July 22nd, 2009 / 11:18 am

Learn Valuable Lessons

Have you ever been experienced? Stephen has.

Have you ever been experienced? Stephen Elliott has.

APB FOR NYC RESIDENTS: Perpetual friend-of-Giant and all-around badass Stephen Elliott is teaching a one-day wokshop on writing from experience in NYC on August 3rd. The cost is just a measly fifty-five bucks. No idea how many spots are left, but I’m assuming just a few. Here’s the course description. Click anywhere to get put through to the reserve-me-a-spot page.

Your experiences, and how you process them, are what make you unique as an individual. They are also the most valuable things we can offer readers. We will talk about writing from experience in fiction and nonfiction, and how to use our lives as jumping off points and framing devices for the stories we tell about ourselves and others. We will also talk about the dangers of writing from experience and overcoming the blocks set in place (often unnecessarily) by our fears of exposure. We will look at strategies for getting past those fears and for dealing with friends and relatives whose memories might be different from our own. Finally, we will focus on unlocking our lives and the joy and value of integrating the worlds we know with the worlds we create.

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