January 29th, 2013 / 10:46 pm

Lines from Shakespeare Mistaken for 1990s Hip Hop Lyrics

“I’ll teach you how to flow.” (The Tempest)

“He speaks plain cannon fire, and smoke and bounce.” (King John)

“I have within my mind / A thousand raw tricks of these bragging Jacks, / Which I will practise.” (The Merchant of Venice)

“That’s an ill phrase.” (Hamlet)

“Holla, holla!” (King Lear)

“I am the dog: no, the dog is himself, and I am the dog–Oh! the dog is me, and I am myself.” (The Two Gentlemen of Verona)

“You knights of Tyre / Are excellent in making ladies trip.” (Pericles)

“Just as high as my heart.” (As You Like It)

“Thou art raw.” (As You Like It)

“Our tongue is rough, coz, and my condition is not smooth.” (Henry V)

“Ay, on the front.” (Macbeth)

“Holla, you clown!” (As You Like It)

“Our cake’s dough on both sides.” (The Taming of the Shrew)

“Trip no further, pretty sweeting.” (Twelfth Night)

“Look, when I serve him so, he takes it ill.” (The Comedy of Errors)

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  1. lily hoang

      Really do love this–I’m glad you posted.

  2. mimi

      Wherefore art thou, Rom-ee, YO

  3. Brooks Sterritt
  4. Michael Martin

      lol. classic shit

  5. Michael Martin

      “holla holla” king lear

  6. Mike Kleine

      THIS IS SO GOOD! ^__^

  7. DR

      “What noise is this? Give me my long sword, ho!” -Capulet

  8. Thomas Bunstead

      Nor I nor any man that but man is/ With nothing shall be pleased til he be eased/ With being nothing. RII

  9. Aes Dukirebzi

      First thing to make me laugh this day

  10. mimi

      meth man mos def mo better hip hopper than mimi yo

      and billie shakes mos def mo better young money rap gangsta than mos aroun

      holla at a shakespeare playa yo

  11. Georgie Lee

      These are great! Thanks!

  12. Stephanie Stephens

      “Give me my long sword, ho!” – Lord Capulet, Romeo & Juliet

  13. William Corbett

      Something wicked this way comes. Macbeth: IV, i

  14. William Corbett

      and all the men and women merely players:

  15. William Corbett

      the devil is a niggard,
      Or has given all before, and he begins
      A new hell in himself.

  16. Jose Alvarado

      Best post I’ve ever read on this website.

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  18. deadgod

      Puzel or Pussel, Dolphin or Dog-fish,
      Your hearts Ile stampe out with my Horses heeles,
      And make a Quagmire of your mingled braines.

      –Talbot, 1 Henry VI

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  27. Lis Riba

      “Villain, I have done thy mother.” — Aaron in Titus Andronicus.

  28. Brooks Sterritt

      nice one

  29. Ashley Engelman

      “Check this hideous rashness!” -King Lear

  30. hkrwilliams@gmail.com

      “Mountain of mad flesh”-Comedy of Errors

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  36. Brooks Sterritt