April 2nd, 2009 / 1:55 pm

pax americana #10

Do people know about this journal? pax americana, edited by Ben Mirov, publishes one print issue and 4-6 web issues per year. The newest online edition is up now, #10. I like the way it looks- smart, and sort of simple. Clickable pictures of the authors lead you to their work. A very clean layout. I haven’t read the whole thing, but here are some highlights from my thus far-

“First Scathe” by my friend (and Agriculture Reader regular) Michael McDonough

Song low in his throat,
eyebeams in the crack like Cantonese.
Someone is watching or selling watches.
F train slams through, gunshots
swiss cheese brick and glass eyes,
pigeons flinging popcorn pieces.

“Cecilia” by Zoe Miller

I keep telling her it’s best we don’t get involved with the weather of a customer, cause after it all goes down, the sky’s still the same knee scrape color and we’re left watching the sun rise, smoking cigarettes in the alley, breathing in cat shit and jasmine, figuring out how we’re going to sneak back into the youth center.

several untitled pieces or possibly pieces of the same piece or maybe this is a complete piece by Brian Kalkbrenner

he came over and we threw the ball around
then we started making a dirt fort
we were cracking up because we were too old for that shit
we got bored and washed off in the hose and had a beer
this girl we knew rode by on her bike

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  1. Brian Foley

      Good call.
      I love the Elaine Equi poems.

  2. Brian Foley

      Good call.
      I love the Elaine Equi poems.

  3. Justin Taylor

      Yeah, Elaine’s great.

  4. Justin Taylor

      Yeah, Elaine’s great.

  5. Ben Mirov

      Thanks Justin.

  6. Ben Mirov

      Thanks Justin.