November 5th, 2010 / 4:46 pm

Three Things of Interest

1. Gina Frangello is the new Writer in Residence at Necessary Fiction where this month, she will be featuring a series of stories, Body Parts. The first installment, Hole, is quite stunning.

2. How to make the Internet very very angry: 1) Steal the work of a writer, publish it in your magazine, and when said writer addresses the copyright infringement, say that writing on the Internet is public domain and tell the writer they should thank and compensate you for stealing and “editing” their work  2) Have word get out via popular writers like Maud Newton, John Scalzi, Neil Gaiman, and countless others. Even Gawker! NPR is talking about it too! A round up, here. 3) Sit back and relax. You have to feel a little bad for the hapless editor who unwittingly stepped into a very angry hornet’s nest because the pile on taking place is a bit… shocking.

3. Dzanc Books has launched an e-book club where you will get 11 books for $50 .  If you’re looking for some good e-reads, consider signing up.

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  1. Tim

      The stuff I’ve read on that Dzanc list is good, and the stuff I haven’t looks great. Great deal.

  2. Richard Thomas

      1. Wow, great stuff by Gina, as always.
      2. WTF? That’s so messed up.
      3. Another great idea from Dzanc. Good stuff, too.

  3. Dawn.

      2. That is all kinds of fucked up. “Public domain”??? Um. No. Fuck your face, thief.

  4. drewkalbach

      anyone else think that 11 ebooks for 50 dollars is a ripoff?

      or did i misread that and it’s just those first few titles as ebooks

  5. chris r

      (edit: replied in the wrong spot)

  6. chris r

      That rewrite/reprint thing is fucking absurd. Kafkaesque if something ever was. Honestly, if I were in that situation, I think a simple reprinting of something I wrote without my permission wouldn’t bother me all that much, but the fact that the dude had the nerve to edit/rewrite it beforehand is what really takes the cake. And his reply to the writer acting like what he was doing was “obviously not a big deal” or something because “it happens all the time” and how that because of that, even if it’s done on purpose, it’s totally kosher… seriously infuckingsane.