October 4th, 2014 / 10:58 am

“You’re wrong, I don’t want to like Alt Lit, at all.”

htmlgiant goodbye

“You’re wrong, I don’t want to like Alt Lit, at all.” (J.D.)


  1. Rauan Klassnik

      more Love for htmlgiant on Twitter:
      katie with the hair ‏@k80fs 47m47 minutes ago

      just realized my rss feed includes htmlgiant, & i am scrolling backwards feeling more & more horror & rage

  2. jereme_dean

      uh, oh, what did i do now.

  3. davidmmmorton

      The starry background has led to many acts of plunder, violent seizures, and abuses.

  4. deadgod

      more & more

  5. grm



      these are the most important works of art created in the 20th century. what will be important this century. nobody can say. there is speculation. a dead dog forgotten in a sold home is in the running. if i didn’t share these pieces of divine artworks i would be guilty. it’s important to find love, and when you find it, do whatever people do. make a mistake, it’s ok. you should spend your time without cashews. your cat does not like the bedsheets either, big sam. uncle samuel. wow i could spend my days growing old with toto coelo. i would die for toto coelo. if i never take a bullet for somebody i will be sure to do it quickly before i leave this hog. i spilled some coffee in the past. the footage of toto coelo dancing around 2 10 or so in the dracula’s tango moves me to tears, i am serious.

  6. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      I kinda want to debate that one guy in the old post’s comment thread who believes in the myth of radical innovation, but it seems dumb to comment on an old post.

  7. adamhump

      strong look, props

  8. Josh Spilker

      “Jereme: Alt Lit has nothing to do with online writing,
      really. It’s a clique. Some have tried desperately to associate writing
      with the term, like people who feel their worthwhileness is minor and
      desire to be part of a movement–something remarkable!–or publishers
      looking to categorize their books for sale. But, don’t be fooled, alt
      lit is to writing like a cafeteria is to school education.”

      Publication Jereme Dean is in: http://copingmechanisms.net/40likelytodie