important information garnered from The Silhouettes by Lily Ladewig

Posted by @ 11:26 am on February 16th, 2012

1. Wild women are still writing in cafes. They worship Le Creuset. They speak la langue Francaise et la langue chandelier et la langue Manolo Blahnik.

2. Telephones weigh a lot.

3. One girl is two girls.

4. Men are Russia.

5. Sometimes it all comes down to Orange Julius vs. a tall styrofoam cup.

6. Beware: Mercury retrograde.

7. Wild women are still writing in couplets. They have tornado nightmares. The tornados ravage bklyn so all you bklyn haters rejoice!

8. Once upon a time, bklyn was a black and white photo ringed in roses. Wait. That is another book.

9. Living one month is exhausting.

10. Dreams occur next to the sleeper in pale blue on the floor.

11. At any corner at any instant the absurdity of the world is still absolutely correct, Camus.

12. The opera is still horrible.

13. Wild women are still baking quiches.

14. Wear a t-shirt to marry him here and now.

15. Whales are to be recorded.

16. A star comes on its belly.

17. It’s winter again.

18. Keep texting.


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