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Sunday Service

Juliet Escoria

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Juliet Escoria is the author of Black Cloud, a collection of videos, pictures, and stories. “In the Woods” serves as the tenth video for the book.

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October 12th, 2014 / 1:41 pm

Sunday Service

Ben Morgan

Where are you going

Two Christians came to my doorstep while I drank coffee
This was a couple minutes ago, on my porch (right
now I’m recording it in a poem). They spoke
of death. To me, the man and woman, probably
married, very old but in an endearing way, seemed
possessed of knowledge concerning some end/hereafter
The woman tried to read of death to me
I ended up reading to myself out loud, for her
Afterwards, the man asked me if I was a ‘scholar’
I hesitated and said ‘yes,’ then came quick
a vague discussion of my hobbies leading
into one, as directionless as death, about
a perceived lack of ‘goodness’ in the world
and resulting senses of fallacious hopelessness
Our reasons for defying/defining loss are different
They still gave me a little pamphlet though
On the back of it is a blurb titled ‘is it designed’
demarcating the biological system of navigation
dung beetles use, specifically in regard to
their utilization of the Milky Way’s band of light
as a sort of GPS satellite, but more efficient than one
I feel, re: significantly less computational power
Even on the darkest nights they check distant starlight
against their position in the universe for movement
I don’t know what the article is implying, but it brought to mind
an occurrence yesterday, wherein waking up outside
the chapel, I went in and almost prayed
instead opting to sit at the organ and attempt to play
realizing it requires a labyrinth of neural organization
I’m incapable of aligning my body’s movement with the electrical impulses needed
to operate complicated machinery in a purposeful, directive manner
I’ve been trying to figure something out ever since
like if God was watching me and laughing at my failure
in his/her house; some people really don’t like a house
being disrespected; God might be one of those people
or simply detritus in the pockets of those people

Bio: You can get Ben Morgan’s book here.

what’s yr favorite chakra?

i like third eye

need more solar plexus

Sunday Service

Stella Corso


and when I laid my hands upon his person
I thought this is the perfect person
and so was stricken
and became nauseous

then he asked me for money
and I was honored
I felt flattered

and when his freedom finally leaked
I thought how terrifying
how torturous
and was touched again

everyone around us grew disgusted

I leaned over
and threw up into their milk

Bio: Stella Corso lives in the Pioneer Valley where she runs a vintage clothing shop called Pale Circus and teaches at Western New England University. Some of her poems can be found in Coconut Magazine, jubilat, Caketrain, notnostrums and Everyday Genius. She is a founding member of the Connecticut River Valley Poet’s Theater, also known as CRVPT.

Sunday Service

Niina Pollari


I am a vampire in a grayly coughing dawn
I prepare a ritual of the hallucinogenic sleep
I lay down and spread
My gnatted arms by my sides
I cannot
But let
An Autobahn of blood be mealy in me

You know what I mean
We king our impulses, love
Eat and prey
Every day

It’s a fakey arcade
And I am its operator laughing copper with blood in my teeth
I spin a bright novelty ball on my finger
While I watch you watch me

I can’t make myself be alive
I do not feel sorry
I only talk about me
the laptop shudders violently when I type my About Me

You ask if I will stay here in the ruin
With you, and of course I will

When I say those words exactly
I let them rope out of my mouth
And twine around my fingers

What I do is a conjunction

I smooth the gothic filament of my agreeing
And I close my eyes

And how an hourglass is wide on both ends
But wide enough in the center for one grain only
That image is my voice
Working in my throat

I use it to gorge you
With my gentle introduction
“I can smell you
It’s nice and I like it
Did you know that I am real”

Bio: Niina Pollari’s first book Dead Horse will come out from Birds Llc in November. She coordinates Popsickle, a yearly, traditionally sweaty mega reading in Brooklyn.