November 26th, 2011 / 7:24 pm

You can lead a Pike to whatever but you can’t make him crap on his own balls: a meme roundup

 (enjoy the meme music after the jump)

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  1. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Oh man that music was perfect.

  2. mimi

      when you say “crap on his own balls” you really mean “crap on his own balls”

  3. deadgod

      unicorns drink cayenne-pepper rainbows

      what’s the big deal “dark side” I don’t get it

  4. Adam Robinson

      I actually finished scrolling just as the music ended. How’d you do that?

  5. Ryan Call

      excuse the image. just testing something

  6. mimi

      oh you can not get away with that! you must elaborate!  

  7. inBOIL

      don’t worry ryan, i am scurvy

  8. mimi

      about the image, that is, not the testing

  9. reynard

      hey adam, i’m glad you asked! first i picked up a crew of illegal immigrants under the guise of moving some furniture but when i got them to my house they quickly realized i don’t have any furniture, then i asked them to scroll through the post & compared the mean interval to my itunes ‘time’ tab & picked the most appropriate track in the +/- 15s range, then i treated the whole crew to taco bell on the htmlgiant mastercard! they did not like taco bell but they all hope to become interns, and had a lot of bad things to say about octavio paz