October 8th, 2010 / 3:41 pm

Here’s an Infinite Jest infographic (via Kottke).


  1. richhell

      Awesome. I’m going to save that for when I finally get around to reading Infinite Jest.

  2. Justin RM
  3. Guest

      have yall ever heard of dfw

  4. Thomas

      this explains why i can’t finish the book

  5. Michael

      Anyone who hasn’t read (or finished reading) the book may want to avoid looking at that.

  6. name

      Katie Gompert’s name is spelled wrong.

  7. zusya

      if anything, this chart illustrates the book really didn’t need to push past 500 pages.

      left in a bloated, infirmed and bed-ridden Gately-like state, the tome really could seriously benefit from a more exacting editor.

      would make an much more interesting grad. thesis than writing another ‘key’ to the book, or making a more detailed version of this chart.

      hey, wait a minute, where the hell is president gentle? and rodney tine? tine is arguably one of the main characters!