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A collection of poems from Kim Hyesoon.
Translated by Don Mee Choi.

(video by The Viper, Paul Cunningham)

and “Filthy filthy filthy I’m so filthy” reminds me I’ve been dreaming Ron Silliman again

Crad Kilodney passed away yesterday. Here’s something on Crad by Richard Grayson.

under the skin 1

……………….Am I right in thinking that Under The Skin is a kind of beautiful, thought-provoking movie that’s worth seeing, hypnotic, etc, etc…?? But just not quite right??…(I mean that can be a good thing)…But maybe it could have benefited from more terrifying “baby alone on the beach” kind of stuff?? I dunno. Watcha think ??…………..

under the skin 2

Do you know how to drive stick?

Does anyone want to talk about The Grand Budapest Hotel? I think there’s a case to be made it’s Wes Anderson’s best film.

The April 2014 issue of Words Without Borders features writing from South Korea. It’s pretty excellent. Check it out.

The other day I thought it would be fun to swap the entire NCAA bracket with the names of the university literary journals. The result is the attached .jpg, which shows mojo’s rare 1 seed and the Devil’s Lake upset over Sonora Review. (click for larger image)

Final 4 Lit Bracket

(via @agbales)

The debut issue of Plinth (edited by Tyann Prentice and former HTMLGIANT contributor Garett Strickland) contains work by Gary J. Shipley, Janice Lee (in collaboration with Michael Du Plessis), M. Kitchell, and others.

It also has really interesting images and layout. And you can check it all out here.


mission creek 2014


Mission Creek 2014 and all its Art, Film, Music and Lit is almost upon us with Phillip Glass, Rachel Kushner, The Head and the Heart, Warpaint, Brian Evenson, etc.


And this year HTMLGIANT will be part of the Litcrawl (Friday, April 4th) where Colin Winnette and Grant Maierhofer will read from their work featured on HTMLGIANT as part of an “Electronic Literature” event at The White Rabbit.


(The Iowa Review, Red Hen Press, Hobart, Spork, Black Ocean and others will also be a part of the Lit Crawl.)


Go here for full calendar

what r u having 4 lunch?


………..what poetry “community” would be like in an ideal world………..

I’m panhandling bad advice on other social media sites today. Do you want my bad advice? It will be free of charge, but only for today.

Some good reasons to submit to a press or magazine are: you like the press or magazine, the publish things you like, they will give you money, they have great covers, they have great designs, they will promote you as a writer, they will  make you feel good about yourself, and they will reject your thing if it’s not ready.

Here’s another one I don’t see discussed as often: they will edit your work well and make you look good. (This is rare.) (And here is the most important, never-mentioned advantage: You learn from being edited. My novel’s editor cut a whole bunch of dialogic tags, i.e., “he said”s, from my book. I learned that I was using far too many. Now I’m using fewer. It feels great.)

Let’s talk about what we’ve learned from our editors.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s AWP?

And for anyone not going (like myself), what are you doing instead this weekend? I’m thinking of going to see Marnie Stern, even though it’s an outdoor show and the forecast calls for snow.

Penny Goring’s LOVE TESTER DELUXE is now available as an E-book from Peanut Gallery Press and you can check it out here

Are you ready for #AWP14?

If you’re looking for something to read, here’s a translation of Yi Sang’s short story “Record of a Consummation” (translated by Heinz Insu Fenkl & Walter K. Lew).