March 7th, 2011 / 6:53 pm

There’s a new literary/culture blog called Plumb and contributors include Charles Dodd White, Laura Ellen Scott, Sheldon Lee Compton, Robert Kloss, Lavinia Ludlow and others. Check them out. Charles, Laura and Sheldon, in particular, are wonderful and wise writers and I look forward to their contributions in particular.


  1. Charles Dodd White

      Thanks for the plug, Roxane!

  2. herocious

      not sure how to feel about plugging some and not others.

  3. Roxane

      I referenced the contributors with whose work I am most familiar, mostly PANK contributors.

  4. phmadore
  5. Roxane

      “with whose work I am most familiar”

  6. phmadore

      Matt Baker is the author of a novel, Drag the Darkness Down. His work has appeared in the Southern Humanities Review, Texas Review, Tampa Review, Cimarron Review, Saint Ann’s Review, Kansas City Star, American Book Review, FRiGG, Main Street Rag, and elsewhere. He grew up in Kansas and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas.

      Matt Briggs is the author of six works of fiction including the recently published novel, The Strong Man. His first novel was awarded an American Book Award by the Before Columbus Foundation. He can be found online at:

      Charles Dodd White is the author of the novel Lambs of Men and co-editor of the contemporary Appalachian short story anthology Degrees of Elevation. His fiction has appeared in The Collagist, Fugue, Night Train, North Carolina Literary Review, PANK and several others. He teaches English at South College in Asheville, North Carolina and is on the creative writing faculty at Hindman Settlement School.

      Laura Ellen Scott’s debut novel, Death Wishing, is a comic fantasy set in New Orleans, to be released by Ig Publishing in October 2011. Her collection of twenty-one creepy little stories, Curio, is available online from Uncanny Valley Press. She teaches writing at George Mason University (Go Patriots!), and does most of her writing in Fairfax, Virginia and Great Cacapon, West Virginia.

      Kirby Gann is the author of the novels The Barbarian Parade (Hill Street Press, 2004) and Our Napoleon in Rags (Ig Publishing, April 2005). He is also co-editor (with poet Kristin Herbert) of the anthology A Fine Excess: Contemporary Literature at Play, which was a finalist for the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award (Anthologies). He is the recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship and two Professional Assistance Awards from the Kentucky Arts Council, and is Managing Editor at Sarabande Books. He also teaches in the brief-residency MFA in Writing Program at Spalding University.

      Robert Kloss has had stories in or forthcoming from Caketrain, Gargoyle, Smokelong Quarterly, and Unsaid and is a staff reviewer at Red Fez. He is also found at

      Sheldon’s Lee Compton’s work has appeared in several print and online journals including Keyhole Magazine, Pank, Emprise Review, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature and others. He has guest posted work at places such as HTML GIANT, Nothing to Flawnt, The Dirty Prophet, as well as reviews at New Southerner and often at his blog, Bent Country. Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, his work was also recently included in the anthology Degrees of Elevation: Stories of Contemporary Appalachia (Bottom Dog Press). He survives in Eastern Kentucky.

      Lavinia Ludlow was born and raised in Northern California. A percussionist since childhood, she has played with different ensembles in California and Hawaii and immerses herself in music when not writing. Her short fiction has appeared in Pear Noir!, Is Greater Than, Dogzplot, and MonkeyBicycle. alt.punk is her first novel.

      P. H. Madore was born in Rhode Island in 1987. He is the author of a lot of things, some of which you have read but didn’t realize he had written them. His two favorite projects are dispatch litareview and Girls with Insurance, specifically this chapbook by Heather Palmer that he worked on.

      Cynthia Reeser is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of Prick of the Spindle and Publisher of Aqueous Books. Her poetry, fiction, reviews, visual art, and articles can be found in a variety of print and online sources. Her books include Light and Trials of Light (Finishing Line Press, 2010), a nonfiction book on publishing for children from Atlantic Publishing, which was a finalist in its category in the 2010 Indie Book Awards, and a book on publishing for the Kindle. Her visual art and a full curriculum vitae can be found at

  7. phmadore

      Your excuse doesn’t work because you didn’t go into depth about any of the contributors. It’s just an excuse. My dog ate my civility.

  8. phmadore

      Also, please note that you have no right to address me by the first name my grandfather handed down to me. “Madore” or “P. H. Madore” or even “Mr. Madore” will suffice. Your last post makes clear that you do not know me, by your own standards, and thus I would prefer you quit projecting the outward image that you are somehow on a first-name basis with me. Do I make myself clear, Roxane Gay?

      Unless you prefer to be called something other than Roxane (note that after a few times I learned to spell your name properly, as well, out of the mutual respect I am heretofore requesting), Roxane Gay, or Mme. Gay, or Ms. Gay, please refrain from calling me anything besides the aforementioned names/titles.

      (This comment is in reference to the comment in which you detailed your impression of me as a “disturbed individual” etc or whatever it was that you said.)

      Duly note that I have something like 43 Facebook friends. Those are about the only 43 people in my life that I answer to “Paul” from. It’s maddening that you pitch battle things in such a way that I have to respond to you, even when you haven’t addressed me (Paul, you’re a psycho, etc.)


      P. H. Madore
      co-editor, dispatch litareview
      associate, girls with insurance
      owner, disproductions
      owner, Mighty Madore, LLC

  9. phmadore

      Glad to know the censorship machine is still working around here. I had written that her excuse doesn’t hold water, and now that comment seems to have disappeared. In the words of Brandi Wells, “Oh, internet.”

  10. Blake Butler

      the censorship machine is banning you from this site until i feel like i can stand to look at your onslaught of bullshit again.

  11. Roxane

      You’re very welcome Charles. I really enjoyed the post about writing about writing and look forward to reading more.

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  13. darby

      Look, my books up there! Woohoo!

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      Jarrid Deaton once painted his face with blood during a recreational league softball game.

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      That rules. Very excited about softball season.

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