July 6th, 2011 / 5:37 pm


  1. David Fishkind

      this takes artistic masturbation to a whole ‘nother level <;-P!!!

  2. Leopoldbloom

      And this is different for him than what exactly?

  3. Sarasoo

      I hope he succeeds. One less moomoo breeder.

  4. Trey

      I think this is different for him than not trying to pull his penis off.

  5. Dan Moore

      it feels like my dick is not attached to my body. my body “hurts” very badly. 

      I think people are laughing because it’s not their dick.

  6. Jimmy Chen
  7. deadgod

      an ‘earnest try’ enabled by proper instruments is not likely to fail

      are the terms of the assertion ‘finely printed’

      one way or another way or another, there will be a fountain of something

  8. xxy


  9. xxy


  10. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I’m going to say that a bunch of well-educated members of the literati being ok with and somewhat encouraging of an 18 year old kid trying to rip off his member live on camera to a bunch of strangers is a little disturbing.

      As an older guy who has learned that the approbation of people is pretty worthless because people are shit: Jordan, I really hope this a joke, because you might wake up one day in the future without a dick/with a video of you trying to rip your dick off and you probably won’t have that much to show for it outside of an ugly scar.

  11. Roxane

      Who has indicated they’re okay with this? We’re not his parents but I don’t think anyone is taking it seriously, either. It’s absurd and not that interesting. If he is going to do it, he needs mental help. If not, it’s just a stunt and maybe needs mental help. Either way, there’s nothing anyone here can do about it except call 911 if things get messy.

  12. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Who has indicated they’re ok with this. The website that posted an entry saying:


      I understand a lot of people aren’t taking it seriously. But, Idunno, I think I’m willing to sacrifice some of my cool aloofness by speaking up.

  13. Roxane

      Well, only one person posted about it. There is’t like a great big Oz in the sky who censors posts so, there’s one person whose okay with this or thinks its funny. I’m guessing most people see it for what it is, which is kind of sad and weird.

  14. Roxane

      Well, only one person posted about it. There is’t like a great big Oz in the sky who censors posts so, there’s one person whose okay with this or thinks its funny. I’m guessing most people see it for what it is, which is kind of sad and weird.

  15. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      There is no argument here. I don’t want a dude to rip his dick off for attention. I’m saying so. I don’t care if other people think I’m gullible or not cool on a website. Somehow, I’ll get over it.

  16. Guestagain

      is he going to throw it in the bushes so a dog can run away with it like in Pink Flamingos?

  17. tao

      i don’t like that you think jordan needs ‘mental help’ because i think that thinking that someone else needs ‘mental help’ is making them an ‘other’ and that it can feel depressing for a person to feel that way

      i think jordan doing this is funny, fun, interesting, exciting

  18. Tummler

      Just watched the video. I think that he pulled it off nicely…

  19. TL

      Message from Tao”

  20. xxy

      ‘i think jordan doing this is funny, fun, interesting, exciting’
      keep jumping that shark, dude.

  21. Ginger

      you’re a fucking idiot

  22. tao

      i felt 99.9% certain jordan would not rip off his penis

      i felt 99.9% certain that jordan would earnestly try to rip it off, and that it would not be ripped off

  23. Guestagain

      just watched it. that’s 01:20 I’ll never get back. what a dick.

  24. Ginger

      you’re still a fucking idiot

  25. Darby Larson

      ha ha! do more!

  26. tao

      can you elaborate

  27. tao

      can you elaborate

  28. xxy

      are you a writer or a wannabe johnny knoxville?

  29. Darby Larson

      an idiot mid-coitus

  30. Trey

      hehe. what a dick indeed.

  31. Darby Larson

      i just read this comment a billion times. that’s 23 years i’ll never get back but it was worth it. your comment became amazing at the 4 year mark and i transcended reality and lived in the muscle flesh of a nymph for a year and a half. thank you for commenting!

  32. Ginger

      “thought ‘no one has ever ripped their leg off with their own hands, am i right’ and ‘my entire body feels like a limp penis'” and oh yeah, You’re a fucking idiot

  33. tao

      i’m a human

      if you are asking what has influenced the things i have done in life then what has influenced me most so far probably are books by lorrie moore, joy williams, matthew rohrer, lydia davis, frederick barthelme, fernando pessoa, other writers

      i think i have spent something like ~15,000 hours (estimated) reading, writing, thinking about writing or reading

      i think i have spent something like ~50 hours (estimated) doing things that have been influenced by things i have seen in the show ‘jackass’ or the ‘jackass’ movies

  34. tao

      can you elaborate on how i’m ‘a fucking idiot’ for thinking those two sentences

  35. Nigel

      everybody just cool it.

  36. Ginger

      how bout Spoonbill tomorrow round 4 / i’ll even buy you coffee next door & i wll elaborate

  37. xxy

      why is asking you questions a waste of time?

  38. Trey

      tao can I ask you seriously which books by matthew rohrer? I’ve read nice hat. thanks and liked it, and I know destroyer and preserver came out recently but haven’t read it. been soliciting people for advice on some poets I’ve wanted to read but not sure where to start with, matthew rohrer’s one of them and this seemed like an opportune moment. you’re not obligated to answer. thanks

  39. tao

      my favorite is ‘a green light’

      i’ve read ‘a green light’ probably ~8 times

  40. Trey

      cool, thank you.

  41. Anonymous

      I grew bored of the silly tugging of the chubbed shaved white dick pretty fast and so closed the window, completely forgetting a poem was also happening. Possibly this response should have been posted on Kitchell’s thing from yesterday.

  42. Scott mcclanahan

      Once upon a time I was that skinny.   I seriously need to go on a diet.

  43. Tummler

      Translation: “i’ll even buy you coffee next door & i will rip your dick off”

  44. Terrybear

      Well, the first sentence is obvious, I think Heather Mills could demonstrate that. So yes, you are an idiot. The second sentence, not so much. Your body does probably feel like a limp penis.

  45. deadgod

      Perhaps, together, we can “elaborate”.

      Genital mutilation and self-mutilation is represented in literature:

      For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb:  and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men:  and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake.  He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

      –Matthew 19:12

      […]; That the Noble Mortimer,
      Leading the men of Herefordshire to fight
      Against the irregular and wilde Glendower,
      Was by the rude hands of that Welshman taken,
      And a thousand of his people butchered:
      Vpon whose dead corpes there was such misuse,
      Such beastly, shamelesse transformation,
      By those Welshwomen done, as may not be
      (Without much shame) re-told or spoken of.

      Genital mutilation and self-mutilation are literary topics and occasions for thought.

      There is also the moral imperative that would stop one from giving a child a loaded gun.

  46. deadgod

      I neglected to cite that second quotation:  1 Henry IV.

  47. Blake Butler

      this website

  48. postitbreakup

      you proud?

  49. postitbreakup

      I hope you’re sterile now.  You fucking idiot.  


      Tao’s comparison of a dick to an “arm” (something with actual muscle and bone instead of easily damaged tissues) is fucking ridiculous too, but I didn’t want to get an entire fucking thesis back at me by replying to him directly.  “can you elaborate on ‘ ‘.  can you elaborate on ‘ ‘.  here is a cut/paste from google cache about when i answered this last time:  here is another one:  can you elaborate re: ‘ ‘.  read with high levels of SHUT THE FUCK UP TAO, DO YOU THINK THIS KID WOULD BE DAMAGING HIS TISSUE AT ALL (MUCH LESS FOR THE INTERNET) IF YOU HADN’T ENCOURAGED YOUR STUPID CLIQUE

  50. postitbreakup

      “Tao Lin 4 hours agothought ‘omfg’ while grinning and laughingdamngood jobfelt a vague desire to masturbate and post the video after watching thisdamngood job
      jordan castro  4 hours agohehe, thank yousweet…like…film yourself masturbating and post it or masturbate then post this video somewhere…either way i think i encourage it…thanks bro

  51. postitbreakup

      Who has indicated they’re OK with it?  Blake.  David.  You (i assume you have mod abilities)

      Not deleting it is being OK with it

  52. postitbreakup

      i used to think you were actually intelligent instead of just “smart”

  53. Roxane

      I have no control over content nor do I have any interest in controlling content other than my own. Free speech entitles people to do as they see fit. If you don’t like this, don’t read it, don’t watch the video, move on. Free will allows people to do things others might not approve of just as it allows you to not pay this any mind if it bothers you.

  54. postitbreakup

      actually you’re not an idiot, tao, because you know exactly what you’re doing.  you just don’t care.  you’re a fucking sociopath

  55. postitbreakup

      if you’re a fucking nation, sure.  if you’re talking about free speech in the abstract

      not if you’re a compassionate individual letting their alleged “friend/colleague” ruin their life in this manor

      that is such a ridiculous cop-out roxanne and you know it, you just don’t want to get involved is all it boils down to, because that might hurt your “career”

  56. postitbreakup

      also how about self-immolation as free speech roxanne?  is that OK?  you coward

  57. Roxane

      My career? Please get a grip. What precisely would you have me do? And what on earth could some people I do not know do to my career? I have a full time job and that is my career. I think you assume we all know each other or live in the same city. I live in a cornfield in rural Illinois. I’ve never met most of these people who are involved with MuuMuu house or however you spell it. You vastly overestimate their influence and the amount of fuck I give which is absolutely none. I don’t know Jordan Castro. I am not familiar with his writing. I don’t even know the guy who posted this. No friend of mine would rip his dick off. My name is spelled with one N. 

  58. deadgod

      I don’t have a “book of quotations”.  Not sure about tao lin, but I “seriously” don’t know how to cut-and-paste properly and, therefore, copy from books/notes into comment boxes.

      If the actor’s name were “Jordan Decapito”, what would he have pretended to do?

      Are you “Jordan Castro”?

  59. postitbreakup

      oh ok, it’s not your problem  since you haven’t met in real life even though it was posted on the site you use by your colleagues, you just keep right on posting on htmlgiant and building up that readership with no regard to the blood your platform is standing on cuz “that doesn’t affect you, you don’t know them” roxaNNNNNNNNe

  60. Roxane

      I invite you to stop reading the site if it bothers you or to contact the editor or managing editor. Or you could, you know, contact the penis ripper in question and address him directly instead of losing your shit in the comment box on someone who has no control over the situation.

  61. Anonymous

      it’s sort of touching how concerned you are

  62. postitbreakup

      i’m so angry BECAUSE i’m concerned, for jordan and whoever else tao has under his sway, for humanity, etc, but since you’re on htmlgiant i’m sure you were trying to be sarcastic

  63. postitbreakup

      ok, roxane, whatever, i just had such a good vibe from you doing those posts answering questions and shit, it seemed like you actually wanted to help people, clearly that’s not the case, it’s fine.  and yes i’m going to stop reading this site.  

  64. postitbreakup

      yes i lost my shit but if i knew how to contact jordan’s parents i would (hopefully somebody else will do it instead)

      i don’t know anybody on here even on a gchat level and the “editor” roxannnne told me to speak to, yeah right he obviously doesn’t give a shit, and it’s not like i can exactly call 911 for this at this point (by the time i could call 911 over a video like this it’d obviously be too late), so i don’t know what i can do, i can’t (unlike some people) delete or modify this post, i can’t make the video undownloadable or uncacheable or unscreencaptureable, so all i can do is leave after thisjordan, your life is worth more than doing this kind of shit, you are obviously so very sad (i can say that because it takes one to know one) and i too have fallen under the sway of all kinds of charismatic assholes or been fucked up or in love or terribly sad and done things i’ve regretted, but please wake up to the reality that this is now on the internet forever + whatever you did or could have done to your penis/ability to have children (no i obviously don’t literally want you to be impotent but that could have easily happened if you were actually doing this is my point and it’s like you don’t have any regard for yourself and that’s terrifying) and please please please get help for your depression and consider if tao would be there for you the way you would be there for him.  i haven’t read much of your writing but i saw a lot of potential in your music and no matter what you’re just 18 or 19 or whatever, you’ve got so much ahead of you if you want it, just try to stop and think about what you’re doingblake, you were a douche to me and i was more a douche to you back but it was all just about writing and trivial shit like i come to this site for, i never had any actual ill-will to you, and then my heart broke for you reading that profile and hearing about your family to the extent that i really wanted to apologize to you for all the internet BS (even though it wasn’t meant to be actually hurtful beyond the level of a negative review) but i decided that wouldn’t have much meaning from a stranger so i would just try to be more compassionate and you’re actually a good guy who has a harsh posture because of difficult life circumstances etc………..  but your condoning this kind of post, it’s over the line.  you have so much talent but where’s the heart and concerntao i think everyone can understand the temptation of having a fan club, but when your fans start doing this shit, it’s time to stop the PR act and take a serious sober look at what you’re doing/letting happen/encouraging, it’s not a game anymore and when someone actually hurts themselves or ODs or whatever, yes you can go in part with the “they’re technically adults” excuse and maybe you’re not legally culpable but i think that unless you’re actually a sociopath instead of just acting like one, then you know in your heart that you’re morally culpable and maybe you’ll turn things around. do what you want to yourself, but don’t drag kids down with you

  65. Negatory Cory

      It was interesting and I watched the whole damn thing…twice. I think postitbreakup is bitter and really doesn’t care, only wants a reason to call you guys stupid. diarrhea.

  66. deadgod

      no, I don’t think you did

  67. Nick Antosca

      pull yourself together.  roxane had nothing to do with this guy making a fool of himself, just like frank bruni had nothing to do with judith miller’s bullshit journalism even though they wrote for the same paper

  68. postitbreakup

      lol, stop hating. shit’s actually pretty cool.  

  69. Deedeeking

      well, i guess its easier than trying to get attention by writing a decent book / poem / story.  keep up the, uh, good work jordan.

  70. M. Kitchell


  71. bobby

      I always miss the fun stuff. 

  72. xxy

      i really don’t get why you’re so apparently comfortable brand-associating with this level of inanity.

      ‘htmlgiant? that one where writers show their dicks?’
      ‘yeah. that one.’

      good luck with that.

  73. Anonymous

      the video is good.

  74. [lol postitbreakup]

      [lol postitbreakup]

  75. Nevdajoe

      i think that if jordan wants to get attention and promote himself in another creative way other than a book / poem / story, it is perfectly fine

  76. phmadore

      Didn’t think he would do it. Good job, Castro.

  77. Anonymous

      Video was surprisingly good. With the voiceover it really reminded me of something Harmony Korine might do.

      Not sure why all the melodrama about showing a penis. Not really that big a deal as most of us have seen one before.

  78. Blake Butler

      i don’t think anyone who had had any experience of jordan castro and then saw his tweet saying if 100 people retweeted it he would pull his dick off actually believed he would really pull his dick off, or that the obvious publicity stunt was really a cry for help or whatever. actually your over-intense response is more concerning to me as a human than the will displayed by jordan.

  79. LS

      postitbreakup, i believe that you have made a sharp left-hand turn away from reality

      i’m happy for you that you are a little crazy and i hope this intensity helps your writing career in the future, but for right now i believe you not only need to stop posting on htmlgiant but need to turn off the computer in general, exit your place of residence, walk to the nearest bar, drink a beer, drink two more, and chat up the nearest human that appears to have even one quarter of his or her marbles intact

      i am not a psychiatrist or a person that knows you in corporeal reality, but even so i am 97% confident that the above advice, if followed, will improve your quality of life so much that you will look back on this outburst with a dreamlike disbelief

  80. 'Guillaume Morissette'

      why do I feel like this is all just a carefully orchestrated plan for jordan castro to show bebe zeva his penis.

  81. Deedeeking

      “creative”, heh.

  82. guest

      seems like he didn’t earnestly try to rip it off tho, it was just theatrics, bro

  83. Anonymous

      Just went down and read all the old comments and I’m seriously disappointed that I did not get to read all the freakout comments from that postit guy before he edited them out. It took me a second to realize he must have edited them and at first I thought it was so strange that he was posting that bracketed comment over and over and other people seemed to be offering substantive, non-sequitur replies.

      I think maybe the option to edit your comment should expire after 5 or 10 minutes. Seems like it would be really funny if someone got into an extended, heated debate and then went back the next day and edited all their comments in some sort of satirical way that made the other commenters look stupid.

  84. Anonymous

      Just went down and read all the old comments and I’m seriously disappointed that I did not get to read all the freakout comments from that postit guy before he edited them out. It took me a second to realize he must have edited them and at first I thought it was so strange that he was posting that bracketed comment over and over and other people seemed to be offering substantive, non-sequitur replies.

      I think maybe the option to edit your comment should expire after 5 or 10 minutes. Seems like it would be really funny if someone got into an extended, heated debate and then went back the next day and edited all their comments in some sort of satirical way that made the other commenters look stupid.

  85. guest

      what are you talking about you hysterical newbie, htmlgiant has been sponsoring teen cam4.com feeds for years now

  86. Ginger

      The video is not the point. Who cares. What’s sad is TL made Roxanne into a mark. And now she’s the one taking the heat? I don’t get it. Here she is defending the integrity of HTML only to have TL grandstand all over her. Again. I don’t get it. Where is her support? Roxanne, for what it’s worth I think you make a much better fit @ Big Other.

  87. Ginger

      Sorry. Roxane w/ 1 n.

  88. Trey

      “mike young is possibly a saint”

      if nothing else I think you’re probably right about that

  89. Sarasoo

      Is anyone here familiar with Harry Crosby? / Harry was never considered a great or even good writer. And if Harry were around today it would be interesting to see what he would do with the internet. He died in the 20’s trying to turn his life into art. Guess Harry was the real deal. At 31 he shot his girlfriend in the head and then turned the gun on himself. That Harry.

  90. mimi

      The Jury In My Brain is, well, hung –

  91. Daveb

      Tao, “I’m a human.” Can you elaborate

  92. Blake Butler

      i just had a pretty good time trying to imagine this guy calling 911 to alert them that somewhere there is a young man on a webcam trying to pull his dick off

  93. La Petite Zine

      Penis Wednesday. This was fun.

  94. Tummler

      Also wish I could’ve witnessed “the meltdown.”

  95. MFBomb

      Reading Joy Williams (“Honored Guest” is a great book) didn’t teach you that “feel” and “think” aren’t the only two verbs in the English language?

  96. Justsayin'

      Remember when this website used to have analysis of interesting and innovative writers instead of just cataloging internet gimmicks by try hard hacks? 

  97. Justsayin'

      Hmm, maybe hacks was a little harsh. Pretend I left it at internet gimmicks by try hards. 

  98. Anonymous

      Without being able to read all the comments, I can’t tell if the concern was for Jordan exposing himself on the internet or if the commenter was actually afraid Jordan might pull off his penis.

  99. Guest
  100. Jordan

      That’s Castrato.

  101. MFBomb

      I’m glad the internet wasn’t around when I was 18.

  102. MFBomb

      Well, actually, it was, but to this degree.

  103. deadgod

      “try hard” is crueler than “hack”

  104. deadgod

      “try hard” is crueler than “hack”

  105. Guestagain

      I do wish the internet was around when I was 18. I could have put my ass in a seat and been an e-rebel instead of out in the streets being a bona fide fucking maniac. On the other hand…

  106. Sally Jenkins

      I thought you were going to see say he finally pulled his penis off.

  107. Oscar Arias

      Felt as though I should comment.

  108. Ilya Zarembsky

      Surely somebody saved the video while it was up?

  109. The Weave | HTMLGIANT

      […] and the interplay of the weave. She then pits this singleness of focus (which I view as an arrow, a Castro peen if you will) against “the core of woman’s condition.” What is the core of woman’s […]