December 16th, 2011 / 3:54 am


  1. Ester

      Fuck. I’m wishing now that I hadn’t visited this place right before bed…to see this sad news. I knew his days were numbered, but… Fuck.

  2. c2k

      Dies the same day the US officially announces the end to the war in Iraq.

  3. Darby Larson

      i wonder if he would’ve been okay with the acryn “RIP”. it has catholic origin right? and it implies an eternal.

  4. deadgod

      mushroom cloud
      cake walk
      slam dunk


  5. c2k

      The checks have cleared.

  6. Brooks Sterritt

      My first thought was: lightning?

  7. reynard

      sixty years of begging the question

  8. reynard

      good thing he’s dead!

  9. Matthew Simmons


  10. deadgod

      [Well, the one block-headed position doesn’t erase all the progressive pressure he accomplished.  Pretty regrettable misadventure, though–to be allied with the Legacy Misunderburnishers in that fuck-up.]

  11. c2k


      “An Unfortunate Coda” – as authored by C.E.H.

      RIP (or its anti-theistic equivalent)

  12. c2k

      DBU (Dust Blow Unimpeded)???

  13. deadgod

      “It’s nice to be here.  It’s nice to be anywhere.”

  14. deadgod
  15. c2k

      There was another prickly one by ex-employer The Nation.

      Has Gore Vidal surfaced to comment?