November 21st, 2012 / 2:20 pm

Dalkey Archive is having a Holiday Sale! Get 10 books for $65 or 20 books for $120. Awesome deal. W00t.

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  1. Michael Filippone

      Let’s get this rec thread going!

      Here are mine:

      A Thousand Pearls for a Thousand Pennies – Herve le Tellier
      Suicide – Edouard Leve
      Camera – Jean Philippe Tousaint
      Succubus – Vlado Zabot
      Aliss at the Fire – Jon Fosse
      Necropolis – Boris Pahor
      Diary of a Blood Donor – Mati Unt
      The Other City – Michal Ajvaz
      The Magic Kingdom – Stanley Elkin
      Europeana – Patrik Ourednik

      And, of course, the usuals: Markson, Gass, Gaddis, Crawford, etc.