August 29th, 2014 / 10:27 am


every day i take a look at the Poem-A-Day from The Acadamy of American Poets that arrives in my email inbox because, well, it’s usually something I can laugh about if I’m in that sort of mood.

most of these poems are, of course, pale drivel. but, every now and then a real gem like this one shows up.


  1. theTsaritsa


      Been hella on that Siken tip. Not even fooling. His timelines are dope.

  2. Rauan Klassnik

      no foolin!!! but I’m still not giving any money to The Academy (they were trying to raise 50k or something like that to keep “the poems coming”). :)

  3. theTsaritsa

      They should give me 50k, I’ll keep em comin

  4. Rauan Klassnik

      well, yr name is Alex (kind of) … but can you choose a bunch of garbage like Dimitrov does ???? (that ain’t easy)

  5. theTsaritsa

      I am adept at trash picking.

  6. Rauan Klassnik

      maybe you should move to NY and work for the Academy ?? ….

  7. Mark Cugini

      Their web developer should be fired.

  8. Rauan Klassnik

      they should all be lined up and shot (just kidding!) (sigh)

  9. Rauan Klassnik

      50k to keep the poems coming. $100 for the web developer. Or maybe he/she is working Pro Bono. because it’s “Poetry” you know.

  10. E.A. Beeson

      *Pro Boner

  11. Chase

      The Academy is a Turn-Off for Women

  12. Bobby Dixon
  13. Rauan Klassnik

      I keep waiting for The Academy to call… I told them they could call me collect. Anytime. I told them to use the code words: “Michael Jordan.” I don’t go out at all. They could call me anytime.

  14. Brendan