August 27th, 2013 / 5:09 pm

this old post about Seth Abramson (from way back on August 3rd, 2009) is #1 again on HTMLGIANT!!  (ie, it’s getting by far the most traffic, more than Twerking or Poetry Patriotism even!)

and I don’t even know how to feel about this (sigh)


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  1. Richard Grayson

      I guess I am missing something in reading that post. I assume all these people were getting riled about what was clearly satire. (Of course, when I applied to my MFA program at Brooklyn College in 1974, they were taking just about anyone who applied. I see from my diary that the one of the directors of the program — not the poetry director, who was John Ashbery) said in the summer that they might have to delay the MFA’s start for another academic year because they didn’t have enough people applying.)

      And I have learned by now that a lot of the things I’ve read about on HTML Giant which I assume to be satire — like the work of Marie Calloway, for example — really isn’t. I guess by the time some of you are collecting social security like I do now, you will assume things are satire that really aren’t meant as such.