April 25th, 2012 / 9:09 am

HTMLGIANT is seeking anonymous reviews, which can be sent to brooks [at] htmlgiant [dot] com. Guidelines and previous reviews are here; questions are welcome.


  1. deadgod

      Sterritt has composed a fine snippet:  concise, as becomes the genre’s defining characteristic, but, in the same rapid gesture, informative (both inwardly and through a link, which itself reinforces and challenges the constitution of a ‘snip’) beyond the formal limits it both inhabits and exceeds.


  2. mimi

      deadgod has composed a fine anonymous comment:  concise, defying the genre’s usual nature, and, in a characteristic gesture, informative (and ‘pseudonym’ously-ironically self-referential and blank-avatar’ed, reinforcing the constitution of an anonymy) beyond the generally expected limits it both inhabits and exceeds.–Anonymous

  3. reynard

      you guys are cute

  4. deadgod

      yr more cuter, rey rey cutie

  5. mimi

      rey rey tell deaders that I called you rey rey first long time ago