May 6th, 2014 / 9:07 am

One of the features I’m spearheading for HTMLGiant is a weekly indie news roundup called “This Week in Indie Lit.” It’ll run every Monday and it’ll focus on the week’s new indie book releases as well as any and all new book acquisitions announcements from the previous/forthcoming week.

I’m interested in turning this feature into a platform for indie publishers wherein they’ll be able to formally announce a new author/book deal/acquisition and have notice of it in one place, via one weekly feature. This is not unlike Publisher’s Weekly’s frequent Book Acquisitions articles. I haven’t seen that happen for indie lit, not yet anyway, and I really think HTMLGiant is the place to give props to the new. There’s a lot of new and it’s worth noting before it becomes the norm.

Here’s what I need from indie presses: Send me those press kits, that press coverage, your press schedules, everything that clues me into what you are doing so that I don’t miss anyone. There hasn’t really been something like this for indie lit and we, at HTML Giant, want that to change.

Send all material to
I hope to get this thing rolling by the beginning of June.


  1. Mark Cugini

      fucking, finally.

  2. Erik Stinson

      calling all publicists

  3. theTsaritsa


  4. Robert Vaughan

      That Seidlinger, full of brilliant ideas (and what a press!!!)

  5. Timmy Reed

      Very useful column concept. Nice.

  6. beachsloth

      This sounds like that web blog “Beach Sloth” I keep on hearing about