September 29th, 2010 / 1:37 pm

Would anyone like to buy me a present, like a sculpture, to put in my home?


  1. zusya

      why. just… why.

  2. zusya
  3. Ommzms

      Reading Evenson’s Baby Leg, and leaving a signed, blood-stained copy on one’s coffee table, could have the same eviscerating effect as disembodied fetus heads.

  4. Mykle

      Hi Nick,

      I am in possession of a decorative baby-head sculpture that needs a good home. Can i just ship it to you?

      It is not articulated, and it also involves a cat. But it is very tasteful. And perky. And you can store liquor in it.


  5. Roxane

      I have a headless baby mannequin. I call it headless baby.

  6. Nick Antosca

      Are you serious?

  7. Mykle


      If it helps, I am willing to tell you that I paid several thousand dollars for it. (Though I would be lying.)

  8. Mykle

      mmm … reddened skin folds!

  9. Mykle
  10. Nick Antosca

      Is it large? How much would it cost to ship it? Email me, nick.antosca [at] gmail …

  11. Mykle

      (shuffle of e-mail in background …)

  12. I. Fontana

      What about a painting? Or a framed poster that looks like it’s a painting? (Not painted by me. At some point….I think not too long before my wife-to-be came over from France, I did some redecorating or something. Some woman I don’t know very well who’s an artist [I’m not familiar with or all that curious about her work] said that pictures on the wall ought to be framed. This had never crossed my mind. It does make them look more impressive, however.

      But it also means I’m more reluctant to take them down, because of the work she did, even though I never see her now.

      I’m watching Robert Downey Jr as a very athletic, stunt-driven Sherlock Holmes. I hate fucking unrealistic stunts.