Being Edited is Pretty Much the Best

Posted by @ 9:00 am on March 4th, 2014

Some good reasons to submit to a press or magazine are: you like the press or magazine, the publish things you like, they will give you money, they have great covers, they have great designs, they will promote you as a writer, they will ┬ámake you feel good about yourself, and they will reject your thing if it’s not ready.

Here’s another one I don’t see discussed as often: they will edit your work well and make you look good. (This is rare.) (And here is the most important, never-mentioned advantage: You learn from being edited. My novel’s editor cut a whole bunch of dialogic tags, i.e., “he said”s, from my book. I learned that I was using far too many. Now I’m using fewer. It feels great.)

Let’s talk about what we’ve learned from our editors.