June 25th, 2014 / 12:24 pm


Biting is despicable, of course.

But how many writers, in the throes of creation, wrastling that dark angel, have resorted to biting?? Have chomped down on the Muse’s neck or shoulder??

Or perhaps the Muse is the biter, spurring us on to inspired action?????

(and, note: it’s ok to be a Creative First Responder in a World Cup biting incident. But not in a shooting tragedy. . . . . .O, where do we draw the line ??? . . . . O, poor Luis… O, poor Seth)


… Seth=Luis … Seth=White Knight ….


  1. deadgod

      In Suarez’s defense, the other guy’s number was ‘7-11’.

  2. Rauan Klassnik
  3. Jeremy Hopkins

      howcome theres no sexwhere is it

  4. Jeremy Hopkins

      thepeople on npr wantto know

  5. deadgod

      Yes, I saw that at the Grauniad (that The Verge links to). ‘Are you gonna believe me or your own lying eyes?’

      I liked Suárez’s response: ‘Shit happens. Don’t hate, bro.’

      True story: I was at a plumbing supply shop yesterday and the Nigeria/Argentina game was on their tv. I started chatting with the counter guy about that game, and asked him if a decision had been made yet about Suárez (it hadn’t), and he said he didn’t think Suárez had bitten the defender. Calmly but incredulously, I started asking him what he meant, and quickly he showed me a flag tattoo and said that he himself was Uruguayan. ‘Ha ha, okay, you’re being a homer,’ and he grinned, and we went on to talk about fútbol for a few minutes.

      And this guy’s theory was that the whole biting thing had been insta-ginned up by… perfidious Albion! Gossipy English sports ‘journos’! ‘Ha ha ha, waitwaitwait, the Italians don’t need anyone to tell them to whine and complain and pretend their team is secretly the world champion.’ He shrugged at his own, eh, pattern recognition.

      We ended up agreeing that rooting for Brazil is like a non-New-Yorker being a Yankee fan: ass-ragged frontrunning.

  6. Rauan Klassnik

      and isn’t it great when so many Americans who know absolutely nothing about soccer are rooting our boys on !! bite, bite, bite ….

  7. jereme_dean

      the biting was the least despicable part of that event.