May 31st, 2014 / 6:41 pm


  1. Josh Goodchild

      City Lights and Bibliohead in SF. City Lights has complete collections of my favourite authors and Bibliohead just has 80% interesting/good books (you could say well curated).

  2. Peter Sharp

      Imagine Books and Records in San Antonio is a very good used book store.. Marfa Book Company in Marfa is a very good new book store

  3. shaun gannon

      the white rabbit in muncie has a lot of old fantasy and sci fi books, and the guy working there was usually watching TNG when I went there. the upstairs has a nice lil sitting area too

  4. jereme_dean

      Skylight books off Vermont in Los Feliz, Ca
      Alias Books off Sawtelle in Santa Monica, Ca.
      The Bookman in Orange, Ca.
      Still think the only way to fully comprehend the magic of Powell’s is by physically visiting it, often.

  5. Jubal_the_rattie

      Books End (used) and Books & Melodies (used) in Syracuse, NY. Woodland Pattern (poetry) in Milwaukee. Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis.

  6. bartleby_taco

      Hiding Place in Philadelphia

  7. mimi

      in Berkeley, there’s Moe’s Books, and Black Oak Books,
      Builder’s Booksource, William Stout Architectural Books
      there’s SPD, which isn’t a bookstore, but you can walk in and buy a copy of whatever they have in their warehouse, i think – at least they let me, once
      Mr. Mopp’s for kid’s books

      in Oakland, i’m partial to Walden Pond Books on Grand Ave.

      Bookshop Santa Cruz is great

      the best, tho, is Powell’s, for sure

  8. Tyler Gof Barton

      Norml’s in Baltimore