February 26th, 2013 / 6:37 pm

Which books (if any) have had a noticeable effect on your behavior?


  1. Grant Maierhofer

      Celine’s had me in a bit of a panic for awhile I guess–especially in public. Exley made me hate shit less; Sade basically undid all that. Feel like I’m twitchy now cos of all these jerks…

  2. Jimmy Chen

      the omnivore’s dilemma made me want to eat out michael pollan’s daughter

  3. Ken Baumann

      Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Food Rules by Michael Pollan.

  4. bartleby_taco

      pretty sure reading ‘being and time’ & derrida/post-structuralists made all of my college papers unreadable for a period of 6 – 8 months but thats because im a bozo. think i was generally forgiven by professors because of my boyish good looks.

  5. bartleby_taco

      jk i think it was pity

  6. reynard

      i grew testicles after reading the doubleday children’s encyclopedia, i gave fewer shits after wittgenstein’s blue book, i looked at people in a new way, perhaps with my eyes more open, after walser’s microscripts, & i talked less shit about texas after barthelme’s amateurs

  7. lorian long

      i read 2666 and got a tattoo. i read infinite jest and got a tattoo.

  8. lorian long

      LIKE A FAG

  9. deadgod

      If you read a book about the odds in Texas hold-’em and similar poker games, you’ll probably find yourself folding more hands than you had before you read it.

  10. Bradley Sands

      The Illuminatus! Trilogy

  11. Bobby Dixon

      same. Ditto re behold a pale horse

  12. garret travis

      infinite jest made me feel less guilty about inspecting kleenex after blowing my nose

  13. William VanDenBerg

      What’s your 2666 tattoo Lorian?

  14. Adam Robinson

      Tropic of Cancer, I guess, most of all. Probably shouldn’t have read that book.

  15. mimi

      my friend’s mom’s paperback copy of The Hite Report when i was like twelve

  16. Mark Cugini

      This explains a lot.

  17. Marc van der Holst

      The Mezzanine taught me to stand still and enjoy escalator rides. Life hasn’t been the same. Currently I am trying to drink every drink or mix in Barthelme’s books. Life probably won’t be the same when I’m finished.

  18. Marc van der Holst

      Oh, and that Murakami sheep book gave me really weird dreams. And, as another afterthought, Infinite Jest helped me through a pretty severe depression. Aaand A Naked Singularity did something similar for me recently, though that one wasn’t so bad. The depression, I mean. The book’s really good.

  19. Jeremy Hopkins

      Reading the first little bit of ‘Abel Sanchez’ caused me not to read the rest of it.

  20. Ken Baumann

      right on; i read tractatus logico-philosophicus and got a tattoo; i read the passion according to g.h. and got a tattoo. booo us, yes?

  21. lorian long

      sweet on the lispector–what is it? haha yeah, we boobs.

  22. lorian long

      rlly obvious, rlly embarrassing

  23. William VanDenBerg

      Could be worse!

  24. mimi

      yes, but might it not be just as important to consider whether or not your poker opponents have read the same books??

  25. herocious

      bernhard made me structure my life in blocks

  26. deadgod

      Apt consideration of your opponents’ behavior is vital to consistently gambling effectively at poker, but I’m talking about minimizing the effect of magical thinking on your calculation of your own hands’ strength.

      (–so not “but”, but “and”.)

  27. mimi

      so, if your opponents have read the books, and they don’t fold their hands, chances are you’re better off folding sooner rather than later

      but if your opponents haven’t read the books, are you still better off folding sooner rather than later?

  28. Bobby Dixon

      i have a harry potter tattoo

  29. deadgod

      Generally, yes. The point is that you’ll likely fold sooner if you don’t convince yourself that your hands are stronger than they statistically are, whether your opponents are ignorant or reckless or bluffing. Walking into an uninformed propellor is as dicey as walking into a knowledgeable one.

  30. Don

      That’s fucking awesome.

  31. Don

      Infinite Jest made me notice drug addicts in public more often. 2666 made me buy a bunch of copies and given them to people.

  32. Jubal_the_rattie

      Trainspotting. couldn’t stop thinking in slang.

  33. Jake Yoder

      the passion according to gh is probably the only book that deserves a tattoo upon completeion — wat is it, a roach getting smushed?

  34. Aviva Leah

      I’m reading this at the moment.

  35. Aviva Leah

      a prayer for owen meany made me write a book. or maybe that was just all of john irving’s books

  36. Adam Robinson

      do you like it