May 7th, 2014 / 9:40 pm

Um this is super cool.

Sophia Le Fraga translates Waiting For Godot via text message.

Read more here.


  1. deadgod

      Ha ha ha – even better would be if they were drinking appletinis together at a bar, texting W8TING to each other–not exchanging a spoken word–while they each fended off bros and shouted over to Britknee and Florence-Alexandra parked in front of a big-screen hockey game.

      (And the two comments (currently) at that blogicle: is that a social-media part of the act?)

  2. A D Jameson
  3. mimi

      nuthing 2 B dun

  4. Palin Won

      dis.grace is a digital project that re-appropriates JM Coetzee’s
      novel, Disgrace (1999) in order to explore the failure of language to
      maintain its authority in the postcolony.

      The project translates the full text of Coetzee’s novel into images
      using the Google Search Engine’s “Image Search” functionality. It
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      *Google images search rates pages according to popularity thus
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