August 12th, 2013 / 4:46 am

J.D. Salinger drank his own urine–what do you think about that?


  1. Brooks Sterritt

      J.D. Salinger liked Burger King.

  2. E.A. Beeson

      The US Army Field Manual advises against it.

  3. markbaumer

      In eighth grade my friend matt white drank his own urine

  4. JosephYoung


  5. Daniel Beauregard

      whatevs gets u through the day..we all get lonely sometimes

  6. A D Jameson

      With urine like his, you’d drink it, too.

  7. mimi

      so do I

  8. mimi

      speak for yourself A D

  9. A D Jameson

      I will, and gladly, for I was once privy to a few drops from Salinger’s privy. And can tell you that “J.D.” stood for “Just Delicious”!

  10. mimi

      but was it pee?

  11. A D Jameson

      More like transcendence.

  12. mimi

      i can dig that

  13. Trey

      regularly, or like one time because he had to?

  14. elias tezapsidis

      i find it self-centered. but salinger, so.

  15. Stephanie

      Bear Grylls would be into that.

  16. postitbreakup

      what a lousy post

      brooks you goddam phoney

  17. Brooks Sterritt


  18. Brooks Sterritt

      no jojkes

  19. Richard Grayson

      Most of you are too young to remember, but the leading advocate of urine-drinking in my lifetime was former Indian Prime Minister Moraji Desai, who was in office in the 1970s. It was much written about in that time.

      As Wikipedia states, “In 1978, Prime Minister Morarji Desai, a longtime practitioner of “urine therapy”, spoke to Dan Rather on 60 Minutes about the benefits of drinking urine. Desai stated that drinking urine was the perfect medical solution for the millions of Indians who cannot afford medical treatment.”

      You don’t say when Salinger started this habit/treatment/self-drinking, but I suspect it was about that time, when urine-drinking became a fairly fashionable meme.

  20. Timmy Reed

      I bet he left a tip next to his own bed afterward too