September 22nd, 2010 / 12:53 pm

Read all the interviews ever published in The Paris Review. Of particular interest (to me): Bradbury, Salter, Amis, Amis, Ballard, Fowles, Ellroy.  They have a new site design.  We have a new site design.  Coincidence?  I think yes.


  1. mdbell79

      The Stanley Elkin interview is a favorite of mine. Also Harold Bloom, DeLillo. Even writers I don’t like tend to have interesting Paris Review interviews, so they’re something I go and read a lot.

  2. ael

      They’re all online? There goes my life.

  3. john sakkis
  4. Nick Antosca

      It’s true. I’m almost afraid to read too many. I want to dedicate a day to it.

  5. TFD

      Thanks Nick, this is phenomenal! I’ve been searching for that Gaddis interview via hard-copy for well too long. It’s on the site now and is perhaps one of the only interviews and pictures of him in existence. “And so I’ve the hope of laying a few things to rest; an interview I can simply refer people to when the threat of another appears, without having to go through it again.” The Donleavy and Barthelme are fantastic as well.

  6. Roxane


      But thanks for the link. I love a good interview and I know I’ll find some really lovely things here. The Internet is magic.

  7. Salvatore Pane

      Finally. I’ve been waiting for this ever since they touted having all the interviews online maybe six years ago, but back then they were charging. Love the Tobias Wolff one from that period.

  8. Steven Pine

      one of many gems from the ezra pound #5(

      An epic is a poem containing history. The modern mind contains heteroclite elements. The past epos has succeeded when all or a great many of the answers were assumed, at least between author and audience, or a great mass of audience. The attempt in an experimental age is therefore rash. Do you know the story: “What are you drawing, Johnny?”


      “But nobody knows what He looks like.”

      “They will when I get through!”

      That confidence is no longer obtainable.

  9. christopher.

      I might have to take a day for this myself. Or a week. I do have vacation coming up..

  10. Tony O'Neill

      Fucking fantastic. Just read the Hunter S Thompson one from 97…


      Almost without exception writers we’ve interviewed over the years admit they cannot write under the influence of booze or drugs—or at the least what they’ve done has to be rewritten in the cool of the day. What’s your comment about this?


      They lie. Or maybe you’ve been interviewing a very narrow spectrum of writers. It’s like saying, “Almost without exception women we’ve interviewed over the years swear that they never indulge in sodomy”—without saying that you did all your interviews in a nunnery. Did you interview Coleridge? Did you interview Poe? Or Scott Fitzgerald? Or Mark Twain? Or Fred Exley? Did Faulkner tell you that what he was drinking all the time was really iced tea, not whiskey? Please. Who the fuck do you think wrote the Book of Revelation? A bunch of stone-sober clerics?

  11. Mike McQuillian

      Whoa. And my shrink told me to get away from the computer more. So much for that.

  12. jereme

      i really miss hunter. motherfucker was a dragon.

  13. Kevin Spaide

      The Grace Paley interview is one I like a lot. She knew how to cut through the bullshit.

  14. andrew