October 24th, 2014 / 11:40 pm

Thank you for your contributions, your magic, and your love.


  1. michaelleung

      what noooooooo

  2. Matthew Simmons

      bye, pumpkin

  3. traynor

      dark fucking wizard indeed. see you on the flip side.

  4. Garett Strickland
  5. Mike Young

      damn, i am late as usual and missed the chance to make a goodbye post! i suppose the thing is i couldn’t really think of anything special to say that anyone else wasn’t saying better.

      so thank you to blake and gene for the beautiful mess. inbetwixt all the lameness, for sure for sure, it was so nice to hear people come out of the woodwork and say the good things this place meant and did for them. and so strange to think that 2008 was 6years ago.

      in honor of the end, here’s the first chat i ever had with blake about HTMLGIANT, when it was still a twinkle, on 9/29/08:

      4:48 PM me: what is htmlgiant?
      Blake: dis new jam
      me and gene morgan started
      4:49 PM hpefully to become like pitchfork for indie press
      me: that’s awesome dude
      Blake: it should be fun
      me: it looks exciting
      Blake: if you ever wanna write some little updates
      me: is it thru blogspot?
      yeah i can do shit
      i can keep everyone posted on the hot northampton literature scene
      4:50 PM Blake: pure sex
      me: maybe i will just post updates about that
      that will be my job
      talking about when writers have sex
      4:51 PM Blake: hot shit
      4:52 PM yeah we’d been talking about doing a site that focuses on indie and internet writers more
      like bookslut but focused and not about big houses
      and more hip
      4:53 PM and now finally doing it
      me: excellent
      good work, sir
      Blake: hopefully
      4:55 PM me: what else have you been up to?
      Blake: hm, um, just writig a lot
      as usual
      thats about it
      me: jah
      Blake: nothign to onew
      4:56 PM me: i hear ya
      Blake: trying not to drown
      there is no gas here
      so its hard to do anything
      4:57 PM me: yeah, i heard about that shit
      Blake: pretty fun
      4:58 PM how bout u
      me: just same ole shit
      4:59 PM teachin
      i’m working on a big story, maybe novel sized ish
      i’m 30 pages into it
      it’s fat
      5:00 PM Blake: dope
      i like the longs
      5:01 PM me: yeah, it’s fun to write long riffs on things without worrying about compression etc.
      i’m trying to be diligent, keep it up
      5:02 PM there are a lot of angles to write from, like different characters etc, so maybe that will allow me not to get bored
      sam pink posted an email interview with one of my students on his blog
      they have to review a chapbook and she chose his
      woo boyo
      5:03 PM Blake: oh yeah i saw that
      me: i told her i wasn’t responsible for any interaction she had with any of those people hahahaha
      Blake: yeah good diea

  6. xtx

      thank YOU.



  8. pr

      how many real human hours of enjoyment did i get lurking here and reading what i found lurking here? thanks for being.

  9. A D Jameson

      Gene, who do I email if I want to post something here? Please get back to me ASAP, thanks, Adam

  10. A D Jameson

      Also, WordPress 4.0 is available! I’ve been meaning to notify you about that.

  11. Bigplatts

      Aw man, so sad to see this place. Probably one of my favorite places on the internet.

      One day some famous writer will name check this place in an essay and we’ll all have fond memories.

  12. Brooks Sterritt

      so long, and thanks for all the sparkles

  13. Richard White

      thank you guys, you have taught me so much.