November 24th, 2011 / 5:46 pm

After traveling, spending time with your family, overeating and drinking, how do you deal with all that post-Thanksgiving guilt?


  1. Michael J Seidlinger

      I drink some more.

  2. diane


  3. B.

      I recommend a regimen of self-flagellation.

  4. Patrick Hudson

      stuff it up and let it season

  5. Anonymous


  6. Daniel Bailey

      wtf r u talkig bout son

  7. Joshua

      I thought the guilt was the reason we still have holidays?

  8. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Write, terrible shit, masturbate, but normally not in that order.

  9. Ester

      Visit HTML Giant where there’s likely to be a quite good chance that a post contains reference to shame, humiliation, or guilt. Then feel a cathartic release (sort of) since I don’t feel guilty about the sorts of things usually mentioned.

      Fear, as far as the “spending time with…family” goes, yes, but not guilt.

  10. deadgod

      by bulldozing unicorns

  11. Jeremiah

      Hiking in the mountains.

  12. B.

      For real, when did this blog get so emo? 

  13. Hambone Jones

      Punch a few snot-nosed, HTMLGiant hipsters in the face who feel guilty about traumatic things like writing poems and eating Granny’s corn pudding.

  14. Matt Rowan

      I just relish the feeling of over-fatness for a good, long time. I’ll feel guilty about it in 2012, or perhaps sooner, depending. 

  15. bartleby_taco

      Interested in reading short story by MuuMuuvian about how everyone who reads HTMLG one day simultaneously started listening to lots of Jade Tree bands and things were just never the same.

  16. Shannon

      I don’t have any I didn’t do any of those things. 

  17. NLY

      By not having any.

  18. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      trying to lift chaz bono’s face off its body and dropping it on charla nash’s frame. it’s not working out so well (problems with the blending of the necks). because, as my aunt told me, i’m mean.

  19. William Owen

      I lay in bed on Friday morning and choose a new vice to add to my life. Then I take up that vice on Saturday and try to engage in it for at least one day each week through the rest of the year. If I make it the whole 5 weeks, I get to keep that vice as part of my life. This year is pipe smoking.

  20. Sean Kauffman

      i am cooking a new turkey in my own home today and also taking mushrooms with a friend visiting from across the country

  21. Samuel Sargent

      The best way to deal with guilt is to stop being a wuss.

  22. lorian long

      gchatting with jimmy chen

  23. alan

      facesitting session

  24. ab

      I don’t.

  25. Leapsloth14

      6 mile tempo at 5:52 per mile. Then a cold soak in the tub while browsing East of Eden. Later, a muscle relaxer.

  26. Ryan Call

      good work, sean.