September 18th, 2011 / 8:04 am

The site was slow, so I messed with some stuff and made it faster.

Also, I felt like giving Htmlgiant an animated glitter star background, so I gave Htmlgiant an animated glitter star background.

Enjoy this special enhancement!

UPDATE: Removed the animation. :(


  1. Catherine Lacey

      The star gif makes me feel like htmlgiant just got real fancy so I will be blogging in sequins & feathers from here on out.

  2. postitbreakup

      I hate to be That Guy but did this totally fuck the fonts for everyone else, they’re like smaller or something and they look serif’d until I zoom in.  Also the star background thing only works when I switch to Internet Explorer vs. Chrome.  I dunno…  sorry

  3. bobby

      Chrome glitters for me, posititbreakup. 

      The fonts look weird to me too. But it may just be because they are different and I’m not used to the change. 

  4. Gene Morgan

      I haven’t had time to properly test the site changes in Windows. The site was virtually unusable yesterday and wasn’t loading comments, so any bugs you’ve got are better than no site.

      You don’t have to be sorry. People use a lot of different computers, so different things happen.

  5. Anonymous

      all i see is puppy mill pics? not complaining, tho

  6. Anonymous

      was friendster / is myspace. great job.

  7. deadgod

      muppy pill glitoris

  8. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      I can lend you some.

  9. mimi

      internet glitterature blog of the future

  10. postitbreakup

      fonts are back lookin spiffy again thanks!

  11. Anonymous

      I only hope that when GUEST inevitably picks a fight with you in this thread, s/he refers to you as Glitler.

  12. elizabeth ellen

      enjoying! twinkle, twinkle. 

  13. adrian

      The new star glitter background is very MySpace, circa 2006. Very Star 80.

  14. drew kalbach

      hell yeah glitter o.d.

  15. Darby Larson

      htmlgiant is wonderful

  16. shaun gannon

      noticed the background when i came here, laughed really hard

  17. alexisorgera

      star fucker.

  18. herocious


  19. deadgod


  20. Alex

      Quite honestly, and being an avid reader of this site, the stars are extremely distracting and produce a headache in the peripherals. This is out of full candor. I don’t think I’ll be able to read any article on here with these glittering stars. And that’s a shame.

  21. Gene Morgan

      You’re the reason we can’t have nice things, Alex. 

      I made it boring for you.

  22. Alex

      Gene, I appreciate the gesture and wasn’t trying to be cold about it. After all, I’m probably in the minority here and you shouldn’t have to alter the new additions because someone like me gets headaches all the time. I should just avoid the internet if I am to begin complaining about eyes and visuals. Thanks anyway.

  23. Gene Morgan

      It’s cool. I like the background fine without he animation, and can flip the switch to “magic” whenever I want to. It’s probably for the best that it’s not on all of the time.

      I agree with you that the constant twinkle is a distraction, which is why I stopped it. I was just giving you shit.

      Please don’t avoid the internet.

  24. Alex

      Impossible to avoid giants Gene, happy to remain here.

  25. M. Kitchell


  26. Gene Morgan

      One day. It’s not gone forever.