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Mean Monday on Tuesday: 42 Opus, Are you OK?

I am not this frustrated

I am not this frustrated

Dear 42 Opus,

I like your journal. I have read some good poems and short stories at your literary magazine. I submitted something to you, using your great submission manager, in December of 2007. I have checked up repeatedly on your fantabulous submission tracker thing and I have read that two editors have read my thingy. One editor thing says this: January 2008 and then underneath, July 2008. The other editor thing says, January 2008 and then- nothing! And then there is your category- “final decision”. Nothing! Nothing in the final decision category!


Anyway, I am not totally being mean here. Because, you accept simultaneous submissions and so therefore you can hold onto it for a good long while, in my book. But I feel the need to give you a tiny bit of a hard time for taking OVER A YEAR. Also, I very politely queried you in November, at the 11 month mark. (I think, although maybe it was October, at the 10 month mark? You say in your submission guidelines that you welcome queries if we haven’t heard from you after five months). I have had no response to my query. Anyway, you slightly bug me that you have not gotten back to me. I still recognize that you are a quality literary journal. But, I am slightly irritated with you because of your no response thing. Maybe you are not well? If so, I hope you get better.


Yours Truly,


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January 6th, 2009 / 12:23 pm