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Hey friends, I’m just home from two days at the CUNY chapbook fair, and I’ve got some great stuff to tell you about–but it’s 430PM on Friday and Brooklyn is sunny in the high 60s. Put another way: you couldn’t pay me enough to sit here and blog about books on a day like this, and anyway, you’re NOT paying me. So standby for the post-game analysis, but meanwhile here’s one tidbit to be glad about. NewLights Press is putting together a new experimental journal to be called Et Al.

Et Al. is an experimental journal focused on the possible intersections of the literary and visual arts. It starts from the idea of an “arts journal” as a (non)site of the collective production and reception of meaning; one object, in multiple, built from multiple inputs and transmitting to multiple outputs. While traditional journals operate by reproducing text and images as discreet entities centered around a common theme, aesthetic direction, or author-function, Et Al. will be built on the principle of active production and the legible intersection(s) of text, image, typography, material, printing processes, and the temporal structure of the book form. Each issue of Et Al.will be, in essence, an artists’ book of rhizomatic (non)authorship, textually, visually, and structurally. Brought to you by your friends at the NewLights Press.

NewLights had some of the most innovative and beautiful books I saw at the whole festival, plus Aaron Cohick was a pleasure to sit next to for two days, and was totally into trading some of my product for his. Check him out.

Later, kids-

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April 24th, 2009 / 4:16 pm