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New at My Name is Mud

New writing at My Name is Mud by familiars and faves Brandon Scott Gorrell, Kendra Grant Malone, Brandi Wells and Colin Bassett; and also Alex Rettie, Chris McSween, Mike Sikkema, Terry Deeks.

I like this sentence from Colin alot, something about the cadence and reverse thinking: “There were a lot of other people around them who were not living on the rock.”

I also like this sentence from Brandi: “the people inside got older without living.” Some of that reverse thinking again (a contradiction which is implied or actual). Brandi’s bio pic shows her doing something weird with a slinky. To be a successful writer, one must have weird bio pics.

I think ‘My Name is Mud’ was taken from the Primus song. That’s cool, though If someone started a journal called ‘Symphony No. 40 in G minor’ or ‘Baby Got Back’ I would think, ‘pretentious prick.’

Good stuff people. Good job Adam.

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November 13th, 2008 / 3:54 pm