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Adrian Tomine's New Yorker Cover

I really like this cover illustration by Adrian Tomine for the New Yorker (Feb 25, 2008).  I like it so much that I’m going to talk about each frame right now. This will be sort of like ‘brain storming.’

[Going in conventional reading order]

I. I like that the writer is female, kinda seems like it would be lame it if was a male. I like that she has a white Macbook because I’m always suspicious of people who have the more powerful RAM-type black Macbook. Is Apple trying to invert racism by making the black one better? I bet those post-its and pieces of paper on the wall are supposed to be notes, like “chapter. 4, Emile dies,” or “no similes!”

II. I also like that the agent is colored (damn, I don’t think “colored” is the right word — though I’m thinking more of “coloring book” since it’s a cartoon). He seems either Indian or Filipino or Mexican. (Is it funny how you’re either black, white, or brown — and how brown is ‘every other race’?) I don’t like how the binder-clip is in the middle of the manuscript, seems unrealistic.


June 5th, 2009 / 5:05 pm