American Movie

Mark Borchardt & Mike Schank on Influence

Mark: Hey, man, you ripped that one song off, I hate to tell you, from Black Sabbath.

Mike: I didn’t. I wrote all the words.

Mark: Yeah, but, dude, I’m saying there’s an unconscious influence.

Mike: Yeah, but all your ideas come from somewhere else, Mark. You can’t make up an idea by yourself.

Mark: No, dude.

Mike: It’s gotta come from somewhere.

Mark: Yeah, but… Have you listened to the tune? That’s an exact copy.

Mike: No, it’s not though.

Mark: You changed one word.

Mike: I changed all… I used one word. I used the word “insane,” and that’s it.

[noise occurs off camera in the house]

Mike: What’s that?

Mark: The Ghost of Christmas Past.

Mike: …

Mark: You have to whisper, okay?

Mike: All right.

Mark: ‘Cause otherwise, we’ll get into trouble.

[from American Movie, 1999]

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