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I interviewed Andrew Zornoza, author of the incredible Where I Stay from Tarpaulin Sky, about the book, influences, sentences, Chris Farley, photography, etc., for Bookslut. “I’m interested in new feelings that haven’t been mythologized yet, I’m trying to get as high and bent as possible. I can over-intellectualize after the fact, but in the moment, when I’m sitting in front of that computer, all that is far away, everything is far away…”

RB Tonight (7/1, 7:30) at Abilene’s Bar in Brooklyn, Andrew Zornoza will be launching his new novel, “Where I Stay,” from which this excerpt was from. ** Wish I lived in NYC. If you do, please go support Andrew, Tarpaulin Sky, and the incredible book.

Andrew Zornoza’s ‘Where I Stay’

The ‘road novel’ might be one of the most maligned forms in storytelling, in that for a mold that by in proper handling could be kinetic, shapeshifting, and packed with an uncontainable kind of light found only in certain kinds of travel, too many books get caught up in minutiae and joking, leaving out the language and the true moving meat.


Thankfully, Andrew Zornoza’s Where I Stay, just out from Tarpaulin Sky Press, manages to not only wield that rare light while avoiding those common pitfalls, but to do so in a refreshing, pitch-perfect kind of steering that is innovative not only for the genre it might get called into, but for experiential and language-focused texts of every stripe.


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June 6th, 2009 / 4:16 pm