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Shampoo Poetry and Anne Babson

Htmlgiants Mike Young Has A Poem Here

Htmlgiant's Mike Young Has A Poem Here

As you may have noted from earlier posts like this one, I sometimes believe in God and it makes me feel sort of crazy. I talked to my shrink about it recently and he reminded me that most people believe in God. That made me feel less crazy. Then I asked him, but do other people see “signs”? I think he said yes.  I don’t remember. I am hungover and watching hockey. Years ago, I went to a reading in a bar in the East Village. The poet Anne Babson read a very long poem that dealt with her belief in a Christian God and miracles and basically, getting your prayers answered and I think, angels. I was moved at the time (but also thought she was crazy at the time, but now I don’t know if I think she is crazy) and went and walked up to her and bought her book called Counterterrorist Poems (Pudding House Publications). She also has a poem in Shampoo Poetry as does Mike Young. Here is an excerpt from the rather long poem she read that night:


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January 17th, 2009 / 2:42 pm