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I Want to Give Someone a $6 Bailout Package

The economy doesn’t look good, but I have a plan.

I have $6 left in my PayPal Account Balance. I used to have more money, but I used that money to purchase many things: the first issue of The Open Face Sandwich, a chapbook from Octopus Books, some subscriptions to literary journals, Shane Jones’ novel from Publishing Genius, and stuff like that.

I would like to give away that $6 to someone or some press or some journal or something. It is not a lot of money, I understand, and I would like to receive something in return, preferably a chapbook, or a book, or some other neat trinket. I know that is a lot to ask for.

The idea is that I could then read that chapbook or journal back issue or whatever and talk about it in another post to promote literature and the economy and capitalism and other American things.

I guess this is like a reverse auction?

I am interested in these places:

Jaguar Uprising
Paper Hero Press
Ugly Duckling Presse
Chiasmus Press
Future Tense Books
Black Ocean Press

I am going to stop listing things, because it is time for bed. I realize that $6 might not cover the full cost of whatever. I hope that is not an insult. It is all the money I have right now in the account. At least someone will make a sale?

At least one unit will move, I guess?

I am also up for suggestions? Please, tell me about a cool thing I can read that I might have missed, preferably something that looks nice and I can touch in a nice way as I read it.

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September 29th, 2008 / 1:41 am