good in Greenberg

This article about hipster darling Greta Gerwig made me think about the unfortunate and sometimes very talented actors and actresses I know who look very much like other breakout stars.  I went to school with an actress who looks like Greta Gerwig.  I wonder if Greta Gerwig’s success helps or hurts this other actress.  Probably the latter.  The guy who I’d consider the best actor I ever saw in Yale drama bears a strong resemblance to Johnny Depp.  He used to enjoy the comparison, I think, but not so much now, although he’s a working actor in L.A.  (Skeet Ulrich managed to get roles looking just like Depp.  There’s worse people you could resemble.) …And then that guy used to date Zoe Kazan, a suddenly ubiquitous actress who I think was a year or two behind me in school but who I didn’t know at all.  And I briefly dated an actress a few years behind Kazan who strongly resembles her (same looks, same education, no Hollywood royalty background–that kinda sucks) and (an older version of) Dakota Fanning.  I’d find that kind of vexing if I were in her situation.

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March 29th, 2010 / 10:59 am