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SINGSONGS: An Interview With Mat Sweet/Boduf Songs

New feature? Maybe. I have been thinking about doing some interviews with musicians about the way they approach what they do, informed by my approach to writing.

A few years ago, I managed to score a brief gig as a record reviewer for a now defunct print magazine. Which meant for me a few free records. Not much else. Some of them were okay. Many were dull. A record called Lion Devours the Sun by a English singer-songwriter named Mat Sweet remains a regular part of my music rotation. I very likely listen to it—or one of the two follow-up records, How Shadows Chase the Balance and the newest This Alone Above All Else in Spite of Everything—or some of it every week. Which is to say I listen to Boduf Songs every week.

Sweet’s music is quiet, dark, intimate. Alchemical. Occult. Not overly serious, but serious when it needs to be. Pretty. Pretty creepy. READ MORE >

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October 7th, 2010 / 6:15 pm

New Madvillain single. (High on Fire and Killa Mike there, too.) New Boduf Songs single and album forthcoming. (Interview with Boduf Songs on HTML Giant in the next few weeks.) Monsters and torture devices on Isaiah Toothtaker’s TUMBLR. (Amazing Edan/Percee P song posted there.)