Time Has Passed, Now Lets Get Some Love and Tenderness

In late December I’m going to redesign this site. I’m pretty sure we’re going to move towards a more magazine-type blog, mostly because I’ve found some good templates to steal and why the fuck not, but other than that I’d like to hear some suggestions from the fine people who visit the site.

Do we need a flash intro? Animated gif backgrounds? More pop-ups?

Also, there’s the whole issue of women and how we smell like hot trash to them. Can we fix this? Is it possible to save ourselves from becoming, as Mike Young put it in a very poignant email last night, “a boys’ yuk yuk fag joke club.” I mean, I love a tasteless joke as much as Sam Pink, but we’ve got to temper it with some sweet love and tenderness if we’re going to make this relationship work.

I think. You guys know better than I do, I just build the framework.

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November 20th, 2008 / 10:35 am