2 Online Journals I like that I never see talked about

There are all kinds of little weird journals tucked around the internet that no one talks about really, I don’t know why some get talked about and some don’t, some get talked about even though they kind of suck and some that do some really interesting stuff don’t get talked about probably because they just like words and don’t care about showing people, that’s good, maybe I shouldn’t show anybody, I am going to anyway.

The first journal I like that I never see talked about is Mustachioed, which features really cool bizarre, hip-ish art and nice and strange little snippets of absurdist-like poems. The current issue has more known people like The Pines and Nate Pritts alongside several other people I’ve never heard of, which is my favorite way to see a journal: a few semi-knowns, and some new(s). I haven’t read much of this new issue yet, it seems more ‘modern’ than previous issues, but in issue three it had Sean Kilpatrick, who I nominate as the king of something good. Really, it is nice to see journals that clearly make consideration to give a chance to make the work look good, no matter what the words are: the design of the site is clean and nice.

The second journal I like that I never see talked about is COUPREMINE. They do really deconstructionist type stuff with weird graphs and found objects, or at least language that feels as such, as well as seeming erasures of weird mechanical texts. The design of the site is appropriately minimalist to match the structure and reflection of texts, like this excerpt from Maurice Oliver’s piece in the current issue:

Then finally, I make a list of the things we won’t need:

-Hula honey in the airplane propeller.

-A stand-in knot of arsenal bondage.

-Any spittish trail that pours out of chance.

-Straw bales from your marooned pelvic purse.

-Any trifle act of a same-sex drought.

It goes on a little further like that, and the whole site is stuffed with this kind of peculiar disconnection, which makes the fact that is buried that much cooler, so tuck this thing in your computer and shhh don’t tell anybody.

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October 9th, 2008 / 1:53 am