David Goodwillie

Roundup in which the pollen count leaves me with no choice but to shapeshift into my reptile self

hotmanhokage i seen one before it was riding a bike disguised as a man and i saw his eyes.i think my cousin is a reptilian because her eyes look like it all that all the time

lescwilson I think u should consider that one of the qualities of these reptilians is known to be their cold hearted nature and that they’d kill u at the drop of a hat… for food…so don’t be so eager for their control lest u be farmed like veal or pork!

LadyWennor Draconians happen to be my favorite cataloged species. Don’t care about their plans of taking over earth if that is the case. I find Draconians hot but if you ask me I always fall for the extream.

“Wake Up!”: The Reptilian Shapeshifter Vidclip Festival is currently running at Coop’s place. Where else?

With a great hearty hat tip to Kate Ankofski- this interactive guide to finding your favorite Bob Dylan album.

At the Rumpus, Jami Attenberg interviews Teddy Wayne and David Goodwillie at the same time (!!!) about their new novels, terrorism, and the media.

And this one from the Almost Rhymes File: Christopher Hitchens on the Dark Side of Dickens.

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April 23rd, 2010 / 10:47 am