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Demon Brother: 6 Thoughts on Heart in Fiction


I’ve heard / been asked a lot about the concept of ‘heart’ lately, and last night I couldn’t sleep. So here:

1. Writing your heart out to me does not express heart. What expresses heart is the well wrought idea, sentence, conception. I, a reader, care because you care, and how the saying is said shows. If you could not take the time to say something to me in a way I might remember, I will not remember. Misconstruing a subject matter as ‘human’ only goes so far, which is, often, not far at all. I can always go outside.

2. The reader can always go outside. The question is not ‘Why are you telling me this?’ but ‘In what way are you saying this that would make me extricate this now from anything anyone before or after you has ever said?’


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June 29th, 2009 / 2:04 pm