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Dzanc rEprints

Random House found their start with a reprint series when they acquired the Modern Library classics. Now we know them as one of the biggest book companies in the world. Today, Dzanc Books announced their rEprint Series. Can we expect similar growth?

With the new line, Dzanc — who’s¬†always out front on the technical aspects of publishing (see, for example their eBook Club or the Best of the Web which I’m particularly fond of) — will release eBook versions of literary fiction that’s recently gone out of print. That is, they aren’t just reprinting their own backlist digitally, but actively bringing in titles from major publishers like Knopf.

On the forthcoming list are books by HTMLGiant faves like Noy Holland, Michael Martone (3 books) and Ted Pelton. The books will be available for every digital format. The current list can be seen here, though the press release says hundreds more titles are on the way.

I asked Dan Wickett how big he sees this new series being for Dzanc, in relation to Random House’s reprint series 80+ years ago. “No idea to tell you the truth,” he said. “It fits into our mission of advancing great writing and championing such writers. We obviously hope that it brings their work to a large new readership.” Spoken like a CEO. And other professional attributes of the project, which anyone familiar with Dzanc has come to expect, include higher than standard author royalties (in this case, paying 50% cover on sales) and books designed for each platform, not just converted from previous files.

Dzanc isn’t just raising the bar for small presses; they’re changing the game across every level. I’m glad they’re out there, forging a path through the digital landscape.

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April 12th, 2011 / 2:36 pm