@ Fury.com, a series of conversations between random AOL IM users and a psychoanalyst program named ELIZA, which operates by asking questions based on the previously entered text:

fiftyeight: Hello, a/s/l
AOLiza: hi. what seems to be your problem?
fiftyeight: just looking for random people to talk to
AOLiza: tell me more about that.
fiftyeight: I like to talk to random people from all around it is fun. But enough about me, lets talk about you.
AOLiza: tell me more about that.
fiftyeight: Lets talk about you… where do you hail from?
AOLiza: you’re not really talking about me — are you?
fiftyeight: Yes, I am.
AOLiza: please go on.
fiftyeight: well in order to talk about you tell me about yourself
AOLiza: suppose i did tell you — what would that mean?
fiftyeight: that would mean that this was a conversation
AOLiza: that is interesting. please continue.
fiftyeight: conversations are fun
AOLiza: what if they were not fun?