Latin Lessons from Metal Magazines: A New Series

Esoteric, not to be confused with The Esoteric, has a new album out called The Maniacal Vale. I was reading all about them in the magazine Metal Maniacs and I ended up learning some Latin! (Also, I thought maybe Matthew Simmons could help me with this series. Hi Matthew!) So I thought I’d share:
Esoteric is a pretty profound band. Their very name suggests complexity. So when you’re already butt deep in their fantastically crushing, cerebral world of atmospheric funeral doom and you’re hit with a tongue-tripping track like “Ignotum Per Ignatius”, it’s only natural to to wonder what the hell it means. Inquiring minds will be pleased to know that, according to our findings (via the Merriam Webster Dictionary), “Ignotum Per Ignatius” is a Latin phrase defined as ‘(explaining) the unknown by means of the more unknown.’ Now you know. Sort of.
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March 1st, 2009 / 2:53 pm