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fetal 9

Robert grew a beard and long hair and grew a fetus in his girlfriend and grew tomatoes in the backyard and let his girlfriend grow flowers in little boxes and let his gut grow to fit the pants that had belonged to his father. (Catherine Lacy)

I don’t like too much social life anyway. It is gossip and bad white wine. It’s a waste. Writing is like carrying a fetus. I get up in the morning, have a cup of tea, and come into this room to work. (Edna O’Brien)

He breaks a watermelon over his knee to show somebody, a melon-red fetus curled up inside the rind. Don’t swallow them bones, Grandpa laughs, I don’t know what would happen if you swallowed them bones. (Micah Dean Hicks)

“This,” I think to myself, “Must be what vegans feel when they see a calf with no dancing room.” I think to myself, “This is what the Christians must feel when they see a fetus with no living womb.” (Steven Miller)

9kms    rips out the fetus with the fingernails of his hot fingers

13kms   lifts it up like a torch

1km      opening his mouth the soldier screams

(Juan Felipe Herrera)


By the fifth month, you will likely feel the fetus moving. (Bruce Holland Rogers)

He collects our broken pieces. He gathers our abusive fathers, our esophageal tears, our peanut fetuses. (Tia Prouhet)

With no attachments, like a foetus in a bottle, (Sylvia Plath)

They put people on the floor, each fetal-positioned in a three-foot cube, for money. (Nicolle Elizabeth)

Also, come to think of it, being pregnant. The fetus nestling against your intestines, bending her ear to the music of digestion…. (Kirstin Scott)

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